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The View From Bed 3 – Part 3

These documents will form the first line of defence against the staggering degree of incompetence I experience on a regular basis in hospital. I consider this necessary because, if you extrapolate what happens to me across the entire patient base, people must be dying as a result, and I’d rather not be among them. This, of course, is no guarantee that I won’t be, but I don’t know what else I can do.

I thought it appropriate to start by providing a list of all that is wrong with me, as I strongly suspect – in fact I know** – that my records are incomplete.

**I have an unredacted record of my stay in 2011, during which my heart failure was diagnosed but not recorded. It includes a copy of the ECG, which clearly flags multiple anomalies, but there is no sign of my diagnosis, Finally, though, after 3 years of denial, I’ve finally got a referral to the Heart Failure Nurse service. My first appointment is next Thursday.

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